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@iharryshum: WHITE FROG is available online as of today!! Rent/Buy it NOW

How excited is Harry Shum Jr. now that White Frog is available for streaming and download?  Find out in 6 seconds. 

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Gregg Sulkin interviews with AwesomenessTV and discusses who is a better werewolf - him, Booboo Stewart, or Tyler Posey?

White Frog opens in theaters, tomorrow, May 10th. 

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We’re used to seeing Harry Shum Jr. as TV’s premiere dance master thanks to his role as Mike Chang on Glee, but a new movie role is set to completely reshape your opinion of this triple threat!

Click on the image above to see an exclusive clip of Booboo Stewart and Harry Shum Jr. in White Frog opening in theaters this Friday, May 10th from ETonline.

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Booboo Stewart talks with David DeCoteau about his new film, White Frog (opening in Los Angeles May 10th and coming to DVD & digital this summer from Wolfe Video). 

Check out this wonderful short interview as he talks about the casting process and preparation for what he describes as one his most challenging roles — the role of Nick Young, a teen with Asperger’s syndrome — in the star-studded new family drama, White Frog.

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Booboo Stewart, from Twilight to White Frog (PFM PAAFF interview)

At the 2012 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival’s spotlight screening of WHITE FROG, star of the film (and occasional Twilight actor) Booboo Stewart spent some time with Ben Silverio of the Pretentious Film Majors. Here, Booboo chats to Ben in an interview about his preparation to play someone with aspergers, the future of limited release of White Frog, and the difference between doing a small indie like this one and a bigger feature film like the Twilight series.

We’re two weeks away from the premiere of White Frog!

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Here’s an exclusive clip from White Frog of Booboo Stewart and Gregg Sulkin.  Randy (Sulkin) teaches Nick (Stewart) how to drive.  From the interview with Quentin Lee for The Advocate.

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MYX.TV was at the opening night of the 30th San Francisco International Film Festival and the world premeire of White Frog Directed by Quentin Lee. Check out this report and see footage and interviews with several of the cast members including Harry Shum Jr, Joan Chen, B.D. Wong, Harry Shum Jr, and Booboo Stewart. In addition, MYX TV also talks Stephen Gong, the Executive Director for the Center for Asian American Media.

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CRTV.NL interviews the cast of White Frog at the red carpet premiere of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. 

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White Frog cast members Booboo Stewart, Harry Shum Jr., BD Wong, Joan Chen, and Amy Hill have come together for a PSA regarding Janet Liang. 

In 2009, Janet Liang was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia while majoring in international development studies at UCLA. During her treatment at the UCLA Medical Center, she began her Team Janet” campaign.  After undergoing several aggressive rounds of chemotherapy, Janet achieved full remission in 2010. Unfortunately, in December 2011, doctors informed her that she had relapsed…Her cancer has returned. She now has until June to find a perfect marrow match — her best option for a full recovery.

Please help spread the word so Janet can find a match.  She has registered over 20,000+ donors and the more that donate the more she can find a donor that will help save her live.

You can learn follow and stay updated with Janet on her Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.